Forms & Regulations

This document defines the rules to be followed while visiting and using the facilities of the Park District.
Ordinance regarding park usage

This form is used to reserve a pavilion. It contains the Pavilion Reservation form and the Pavilion Contract

Waterloo Park Reservation Form

Pavilion Contract Form

This form provides information on the Waterloo Park District regarding FOIA.

Park District’s Freedom of Information Act Policy

This form is for any person(s) volunteering.

Volunteer Application Form

This form is used to purchase a  paver brick at the Veteran’s Memorial in Lakeview Park.
Veteran paver order form

This form is used to purchase a paver brick at the Waterloo Park District Memorial in Konarcik Park.
Memorial Booster Form

This form explains the rules that should be followed when using the Skate Park in Koenigsmark Park.
Skate Park Rules

This document defines the guidelines for guests that want to address the board at a monthly meeting.
Guest Instructions

Disc Golf Scorecard
Disc Golf Scorecard

This form explains the rules for the Dog Park in Lakeview Park
Dog Park Rules (18Apr2024)