Memorial Funds

The Park District has also established two memorial funds.

Veteran’s Memorial Fund

The Veteran’s Memorial Fund was established in 2005 to honor war casualties and all veteran’s. Donations are accepted for the Monroe County Veteran’s Memorial, which is located in Lakeview Park near the flag pole and gazebo. The Veteran’s Memorial also contains the Veteran’s paver project. Pavers can purchased to serve as perpetual symbols in which individuals and families can recognize and honor Veteran’s of all branches of military service.

Veteran paver order form

Memorial Booster Fund

The Memorial Booster Fund was established to provide funds to improve the parks in the Waterloo Park District. The funds raised through this project will be used for improvements, not maintenance or daily operations. Some examples of improvements made with these funds are trees, tables, Barbeque grills, playground equipment and park expansion projects. Businesses, families and organizations are encouraged to take part in this memorial project.

Memorial Booster Form